Lace vessels

Before I discovered textiles I was always interested in sculpture and 3d shapes. I still like to bring this aspect to my embroidery. Working with water soluble fabric is so playful. These bowls are inspired by the sea, its colours, by shells. The shimmering of light on the sea is picked out by the hand sewn sequins. I’m currently exploring seaweed for my next textile pieces.  I have long been fascinated by what comes out of the sea, knotted fishing wire, ship wrecks, stories of lives. There is something ghostly and mysterious to it…

Linen pin cushions

I love working with linen, and chose a large piece which I machine embroidered with a an abstract landscape theme. As I don’t like to have idle hands I carried it with me in my bag and hand stitched into it whenever I could. On the bus, chatting to friends, in the garden. It was random and unplanned but had a unique quality. It sat in a drawer for a while until I decided to turn it into some pin cushions for sale at Sewmance Festival.

Textile design & Embroidery