Embroidery for me is like alchemy – mesmerising and enticing. Its possibilities are endless and after twenty three years I am still enamoured with it. I love to combine hand and machine stitching. The slow, therapeutic quality of hand sewing is a contrast to the speed and excitement possible with my trusty Bernina.

I am drawn to subtle colours and small delicate details. Nature is my muse and I spend hours looking at the changing colours of the sky. Flowers, plants, trees and  especially  branches alongside  the seasonal changes entice me constantly. The ethereal qualities of decaying leaves with their lace like elements inspire me.

I am currently working on drawing more rather than taking hundreds of photographs, and using these studies to explore texture and mark making. As an artist you are always learning, developing and exploring and I am enjoying this process as I create new work.

I  love to share my knowledge and aim to inspire when teaching workshops for both children and adults. The creative process is of great interest to me and I have read much on the topic recently. This is something I hope to share in upcoming blog posts.


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Textile design & Embroidery