Just Do It

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking, as do most of us, always in our heads. I have written so many blog pots up there, scribbled notes on them in my sketch book, and very few have actually appeared here.

Life often just passes by while we are waiting to do something. So today I’m just going to do it. The fancy pictures, professional layout, they will come, with time. The aim of my blog in general is to inspire, discuss the creative process, and show snap shots of a creative life, to connect with others, those who are creating, and those who wish they were doing it more.



I have learnt so much in the last year, about the creative process, being an artist, perfectionism, and what really matters to me. I still feel like a beginner though, and that’s a good place to be as it keeps you striving, and moving forward, but hopefully with a little more balance.

When I want to make a good drawing, I panic, I avoid it like the plague, I do nothing! Yet when I decide I haven’t much time, and I will just scribble something fast, the result is I have before me a drawing! A simple, imperfect one but somehow it feels more personal than the hundreds of photographs I have captured on my phone. I feel a connection, I have learnt something about what I am observing, I have found a quieter, calmer part of myself. It’s a lovely thing, try it!



You may be wondering why there isn’t an image of one of my quick sketches here, well I said I was learning about perfectionism, but it’s still there, saying nope that will not do. I guess that is what makes you a better artist, always striving, and trying harder. That balance is a tricky thing.


I have read, and re read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, and I love that book so much. Her quote “perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat,”  is wonderful. I highly recommend it.  In fact it’s probably time for me to read it again.

The photographs I have used are not especially relevant, I just find I’m addicted to taking these shots, loving shadows, greys and textural qualities. I have no idea about photography, I just try and capture the essence of how I see the world. Mostly in details, colours, textures and blurry shadows.

Art and creativity are about connecting with others, something I have found so valuable on Instagram, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Get in touch on Instagram or email (contacts page) as my comments section is closed due to spam, but will be reopened soon.




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