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Pierre Bonnard


The plans for a monthly blog post have gone awry! Where does the time go? I actually have a fair bit of it, but I still cannot fit everything in. The last few posts have taken many hours to create, this one is going to be a quickie. I figured writing a basic one would be better than none at all.  So please excuse the imperfections.

I almost missed this exhibition as the last few months have sped by. Sadly it was very overcrowded which did effect the experience.  I’ve studied lots of paintings through art history but know little about the practicalities of the medium.  What always stuns me though, is the power of a painting. Some can be almost perfect and realistic; while others more raw and less accomplished, yet more moving.

The colours, oh the colours, like nothing I have seen before. They are just beyond beautiful, and speak their own language that is difficult for me to express. I would say that  Bonnard’s work is all about feeling.  It was like stepping  into a new world with softer edges.



‘The Studio with Mimosa ‘1939-46

“In a classic interplay between interior and exterior, the mimosa blossoms provide an explosion of vibrant yellow through the studio window.  As ever, Bonnard’s observation of nature was just a starting point. His heightened combination of colours was guided by what he called ‘the first emotion prompted by the scene’ The transcended reality achieved in this painting bears testament to Bonnard’s vision.’     (taken from the Tate’s information booklet)

As it was so crowded I approached the exhibition a bit more like a stealth attack, zooming in to focus on those paintings that drew me in and appealed more.   This painting dazzled me, its light and quality pulled me in deeply, but when I stood closer it was a very different experience. I found stepping back and looking at it from an angle changed its impression greatly.


What I came away with is how stunning and moving pure colour can be. I know little about it so have just ordered myself Colour Confident Stitching by Karen Barbe.

I’m currently working on a collection of pieces based around seaweed. I would normally approach this just visually but since I have been growing and developing themes are arising. There is  meaning involved in these pieces. I have not worked like this before. It’s a little like going into the dark with a destination in mind but one where  there is no map, only trust. I’m just feeling my way through.

Bonnard in conclusion filled me with feeling, emotion and the pure wonder of colour, and reminded me of the power of art. Have you seen the exhibition? What are your thoughts?

‘The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair’

‘The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair’
Louise Bourgeois

Before I get started, quick grab a cuppa, preferably a slice of cake and get cosy. I’m new to blogging, so be patient with me please.

The quote above really rings true for me. The embroidery I began with this quote at it’s heart was a new begining for me as an artist, and it has been a very interesting journey.

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